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Eco School

Welcome to our Eco School Page

About Us

Eco Team

Our Eco-Team is made up of representatives from Years 1-6, members of staff and parents.  The team meets regularly to work on our action plan, which is formed by completing our environmental review and responding to suggestions from pupils.  The aim of the team is to make the school more sustainable and educate the members of our school community as to how they can help to achieve this.

Eco Code

Our Eco-Code was devised several years ago at the start of our Eco-Schools journey.  Each year, we review it as we update our action plan to ensure it reflects our current aims and objectives.

The Eco-Code can be found in every classroom throughout the school as a constant reminder of our mission.

Want To Get Involved?

We are keen to work with other schools throughout Surrey and the South-East to help them begin, or continue, their Eco-Schools journey and become more sustainable.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like any help, advice, to visit, or for us to visit you.  We are more than happy to help!

Awards and Achievements

Green Flag Award

We are proud to have held an Eco-Schools Green Flag since 2006.

Modeshift STARS

In September 2019, we became the first school in Surrey to hold a Modeshift STARS gold accreditation for our School Travel Plan.


We are a Fairtrade ‘FairAware’ School – we understand what Fairtrade is and why it is important, try to use Fairtrade products in school, where possible, and hold special events during Fairtrade Fortnight, each year.


Walk to School Week 2020

Well done to everyone who took part in Walk to School Week including International Walk to School Day, our car-free day, on Wednesday.  The week was a great success and below is a video of Year 5, who transformed our empty staff car park into a scooter and cycle circuit!

Living Streets Tweet

Congratulations to Kamilah in 6B, whose clip about the importance of walking to school was tweeted by Living Streets!

An audio transcript of the above video can be found HERE.

Food Recycling

Thank you to Mr Steer who has helped solve our food recycling problem – now that lunches are being eaten in classrooms – by upcycling food recycling containers from plastic bottles!  There’s now one in every classroom alongside our other recycling bins, and it’s a little less plastic going to landfill, too!

Our Projects

Living Streets WTS Lockup_CMYK

Active Travel with WOW

We participate in WOW, the Living Streets Walk to School Challenge, to try and increase the number of pupils who walk, cycle or scoot to school and to reduce the number of vehicles around our school site.

We are delighted that, over the past three years, we have seen a 30% shift from travel to school by car to walking, cycling and scooting!

Congratulations to 5K, who were the most active class in October and achieved the magical 100% active journeys to school.

Well done!

Since starting the WOW Project in 2017 the staff and pupils at Hurst Park have been absolute role models in their approach to active travel. The enthusiasm towards walking, cycling and scooting is evident in their recent work in Walk to School Week where they repurposed their school car park into a beautiful race track. Their consistently high active travel rates on Travel Tracker means other schools in Surrey have had to up their game in the hope of knocking them off the top spot of the leader board! As a coordinator working with schools nationwide, I know that Hurst Park are truly unique in their approach to active travel, and Eco Schools engagement in general. The enthusiasm is evident in all interactions I have with the staff and pupils, and I can see that the school is remarkably committed to developing leaders for a brighter, greener future.

– Jesse Davidson, Living Streets

Saving Energy

Pupils take weekly meter readings so we can monitor our use of energy, and have monthly targets.  We’re proud that we’ve managed to lower our carbon footprint every year since we moved to our new site.

Toilet Twinning

By raising funds to twin our toilets, we have helped to bring clean water and sanitation to several villages in developing countries around the world.

Healthy Living

We hold the Surrey Healthy Schools Gold Award and are a Gold Together School for Anti-Bullying.  We stay healthy by eating nutritious food, by walking at least 1km each day in school and using active travel methods.  We practise mindfulness and understand the harmful effects smoking, alcohol and drugs have on the body.

Improving Air Quality

We have been working with London Sustainability Exchange on a variety of air quality projects, including an anti-idling campaign.  By encouraging our families to walk to school and leave their vehicles at home, we are reducing the NO2 and particulates pollution near school.  Pupils have measured the air quality around our site, gathering the data over a period of weeks, and the results are as follows:

Avoiding Single-Use Plastics

We are committed to avoiding single-use plastics in school, where possible.  We no longer use disposable packed lunches on school trips and have updated our eco-code to include ‘Refuse’ and ‘Responsibly Dispose’ in the ‘R’ section.  The video below highlights some of ways you can reduce your use of single-use plastics.  You can also find out more HERE.

Saving Water

We have ‘push on’ taps and low-fill cisterns to help us save water.  We also monitor our water use monthly.  Our water-usage has increased lately due to an increase in handwashing!

Encouraging Biodiversity

We have created animal homes and feeders around our school grounds (using natural and recycled products) to allow biodiversity to thrive on our site.  We have also planted trees, shrubs and vegetables.

Improving our School Grounds

We have developed our school grounds by adding fixed play equipment and shelters so there are lots of fun activities to engage in and quiet areas to read and talk.  We also have an allotment and a forest school area.