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Eco School

Welcome to the Eco-School Page

We are proud to be a Green Flag Eco-School – a distinction we have held since 2006.

Eco Team

Our Eco-Team is made up of representatives from Years 1-6, members of staff and parents.  The team meets regularly to work on our action plan, which is formed by completing our environmental review and responding to suggestions from pupils.  The aim of the team is to make the school more sustainable and educate the members of our school community as to how they can help to achieve this.

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Modeshift STARS

In September 2019, we became the first school in Surrey to hold a Modeshift STARS gold accreditation for our School Travel Plan.

Walking Challenge

We participate in the Living Streets Walk to School Challenge to try and increase the number of pupils who walk, cycle or scoot to school and to reduce the number of vehicles around our school site.

We are delighted that, over the past two years, we have seen almost a 30% shift from travel to school by car to walking, cycling and scooting to school!

Congratulations to 4SG, who were the most active class in February, with a whopping 93% ‘green’ journeys to school.  Well done!

Travel Feb 2020

Eco Code

Eco Code 2020

Air Quality

This year, we have been working with London Sustainability Exchange on a variety of air quality projects, including an anti-idling campaign.  Year 4 has measured the air quality around our site, gathering the data over a period of weeks, and the results are as follows:

Air Q Data

Walk to School Week

Well done to everyone who took part in Walk to School Week including Happy Shoesday on Tuesday, our car-free day and fitness session on Wednesday, and our Fun Run on the Friday.  The week was a great success!