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PE & Sports Premium

All primary schools are receiving an annual PE and Sport Premium.  The ways in which we intend to utilise this funding are summarised below.


Our Objectives

  • To improve the quality of existing PE provision through continued professional development (CPD) for primary school teachers and other staff delivering PE lessons.
  • To increase the skill level of pupils in Key Stage One, and develop skills and competence and improve performance in specific sports in Key Stage Two.
  • To increase participation levels in competitive sport
  • To increase healthy activity in children throughout the school day
  • To increase the quality of teacher training in situ
  • Offer a wide a range of activities within the PE curriculum to encourage participation of children at all levels.


Our provision 2017/18

Raise profile of sport within school

  • Invite guests from different sporting organisations and teams to promote a broader variety of sports in school.
  • Participate in increased school competitions.
  • Continue to promote sport around the school and the wider community through, eg. Newsletters and website.


To increase quality of PE lessons delivered in curriculum time

  • Develop the quality of PE resources within the school.  Replace old/damaged equipment where necessary and install new equipment, including a new long jump pit/high jump area.
  • Maintain Active Surrey membership and Youth Sport Trust (Primary PE and Sport Membership).
  • Provide specialist training to staff in all aspects of PE teaching.


To increase participation levels in competitive sport and increase the success rate at competitions

  • Continue to work with Active Surrey and the EDPSSA to arrange inter-school matches and tournaments.
  • Develop the role of the school’s house system, organising inter-house matches and tournaments throughout the year.
  • Provide focused trials and training sessions for a longer period prior to sporting competitions.


Raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle

  • Continue to provide lunchtime aerobic activities to pupils and other extra-curricular activities.


To ensure sustainable impact of the investment we will monitor the PE and Sport provision this year in order to identify key priorities for the future.  Details of Sports Premium spending and impact can be found here.



Provision 2016/17

Last year’s Sports Premium information can be found here.