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PE & Sports Premium

PE & Sports Premium

All primary schools are receiving an annual PE and Sport Premium.  The ways in which we intend to utilise this funding are summarised below.


Our Objectives

  • To improve the quality of existing PE provision through continued professional development (CPD) for primary school teachers and other staff delivering PE lessons.
  • To increase the skill level of pupils in Key Stage One, and develop skills and competence and improve performance in specific sports in Key Stage Two.
  • To increase participation levels in competitive sport
  • To increase healthy activity in children throughout the school day
  • To increase the quality of teacher training in situ
  • Offer a wide a range of activities within the PE curriculum to encourage participation of children at all levels.


Our provision 2018/19

Raise profile of sport within school

  • Attain Year 3 sports leaders for KS1 as well as Year 6 leaders for KS2
  • Participate in increased competitions
  • Allow more time and opportunity to train children for district competitions

Year 3 sports leaders have created a lunch time club for the KS1 children, allowing them to play different sports and complete different activities. We have competed in more competitions, such as rounders tournaments, this year. We also created a District Sport ‘Squad’ to train up before picking the final team, helping to raise the profile of the competition.

Upgrade equipment

  • Ensure equipment is at a standard which makes it useful
  • Ensure the equipment is being used for the correct purpose
  • Ensure equipment is looked after properly and stored correctly

Replaced high jump equipment as it was broken. We are using the correct equipment during lessons and training sessions. Also we purchased a training bar to enable training at KS1. Sports crew help tidy and organise PE shed.

Raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle

  • Continue to provide lunchtime aerobic and dancing activities to pupils
  • Allow children to run sports clubs throughout the year at lunchtimes for different activities
  • Get different equipment for children to access at playtimes (e.g. table tennis tables)

Lunchtime aerobics/dancing is still available and more successful than ever. Sports clubs being run at lunchtimes by both trained coaches and Sports leaders are helping children be more active. Table tennis tables introduced in the playground and different equipment for the children to play with and use.

Establish a more varied PE curriculum using different facilities

  • Acquire specialist coaching for lessons, allowing teachers to watch, learn and develop their own practise
  • Ensure the children’s skills are solid before implementing them into a competitive sport

Specialist coaches have come in to teach different competitive sport lessons, athletic lessons and basic skills lessons, allowing teachers and LSAs to learn from the coaches while the children are. This has been successful with the teachers and LSAs feeling more confident. KS1 now focus on a skills-based PE curriculum before reaching KS2 where the curriculum is increasingly more sport specific.


To ensure sustainable impact of the investment we will monitor the PE and Sport provision this year in order to identify key priorities for the future.  Details of Sports Premium spending and impact can be found below:

Provision 2017/18

Last year’s Sports Premium information can be found here.

Provision 2016/17

Last year’s Sports Premium information can be found here.