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Summer Term

This term we will be looking at:


· Doubling, halving and sharing

· Solving problems involving doubling, halving and sharing.

· Counting in tens

Ideas to Support at Home:

· Use a spell like: ‘Hubble bubble make a double’, to double objects like, small toys or balls, keeping it very practical!

· Ask your children simple problems which involve doubling, halving and sharing in a practical way.

· See the following home learning sheets on doubling, halving and sharing for further ideas)


· Revising reading and writing all sounds

· Writing simple sentences which include: capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

· Exploring stories involving Kings, Knights, dragons, princesses and castles: such as Zog, The Kiss that Missed & Good Knight Sleep Tight

· Retelling stories using puppets and story language.

Ideas to Support at Home:

· Read and enjoy stories together – can you spot any tricky words within the story? What do you think might happen next? How are the characters feeling?

· Listen to your child read their reading book, word box words and tricky keyring words as often as possible.

· Encourage the use of sounds to write words, label pictures they have drawn, write tricky words or word box words using different pens, pencils, take this outside by: using chalks, a paintbrush and water on the ground, on a wall.

Other Areas of Learning:

· Exploring Hampton Court Palace on our first ever school trip.

· Performing our first ever class assemblies.

· Explore and practise different ways of travelling during P.E, climbing over and under equipment safely, balancing, and playing team games.

Ideas to Support at Home:

· Discuss Hampton Court Palace, and talk to the children about what they did there, what their favourite part of the day was (lunch and the coach are ALWAYS extremely popular)

· Talk to your child about their class assembly and practise and rehearse any lines – encouraging a clear, loud voice. Help them learn songs.

· Help them recognise different ways of travelling on play equipment – crawling through tunnels, balancing on a step bridge, etc.


Please can we ask that you encourage your child/children to be independent when they are putting on coats, hats, gloves etc. If they have not yet mastered how to put gloves on by themselves, mittens may be a better option.

Thank you all for your Christmas Fayre donations!


The presentation from the Developing Early Reading meeting can be found here.