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Hurst Park Primary School

Hurst Road, Molesey, West Molesey KT8 1QS


Autumn Term

Getting to know you – This half term the children will be participating in activities that will enable us to get to know them a bit better, and also enable them to learn our rules and routines.

Our topics for this half term are:

  • All About Me
  • My Family
  • Our Golden Rules
  • Friendship
  • Autumn

Please note, we like to involve the children in our weekly planning and much of what we do is led by their interests. The topics above may be subject to change because of this!



Once the children have settled into school life we will begin our phonics sessions. Each week they will be learning 3 new sounds, which will be sent home in your child’s phonics folder each day. The letter sounds are introduced to the children with a song, story and action. Please ask your child to tell you about the new sounds they’ve learnt at school and practise them at home.



Your child will soon start bringing home one reading book each week. Some of the books that they bring home will be picture books and some will be books with words. If the book has no words, please encourage your child to use the pictures to think of a story that they can tell themselves. To support your child, we ask that you write a comment each week about their reading. Please write about the books that we send home as well as other stories you read with your child including library books and bedtime stories. Please ensure all reading books and reading records are back in on Monday.

In addition to your child’s weekly reading book your child will also be choosing a picture book from our class library to bring home. Please value this book with your child in the same way you do their school reading book. Through high quality picture books we are able to instil in children a love of reading, we can develop their vocabulary skills and inspire them to write their own stories!


Tricky Words and Word Boxes

As part of your child’s reading homework we will also be sending home ‘tricky words’ for your child to read. These are words which are not phonetic and the children need to learn by sight. Please practise your child’s ‘tricky word’ keyring with them at home.

Your child will also be sent home with a strip of phonetic words for them to practise blending the sounds they’ve learnt at school to read simple words. When your child can read all the words on their strip of paper they will be given a new set of words to practise.

Please check your child’s Tapestry account as we will send out more information regarding phonics and reading when we start sending books and folders home in the coming weeks.



During this half term our maths activities will be focusing on:

  • Selecting the correct numeral to represent 1 to 5, then 1 to 10 objects.
  • Counting an irregular arrangement of up to ten objects.
  • Finding the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them.
  • Finding the number that is one more than a given number
  • Finding one more or one less from a group of up to five objects, then ten objects.

We will be led by your child’s individual staring points and will make sure the learning that they are doing at school is differentiated to meet their needs.



Our PE sessions will begin after half term.

This half term, in our outdoor learning area, we will be learning to:

  • Follow simple instructions.
  • Using the trim trail to work on our balance.
  • Experiment with different ways of moving.
  • Navigating different spaces successfully without colliding with others whilst using bikes and scooters.


Personal, social, emotional development

This half term we will be learning to:

  • Make friends and be kind to others.
  • Have the confidence to ask for help if we need it.
  • Learning our Golden Rules and our how to follow our class routines.


Communication and Language

This half term we will be learning to:

  • Sit quietly during carpet time.
  • Follow simple instructions that we are given.
  • Talk to others about our likes and dislikes.
  • Bring in a family photograph to show and tell to the class.


A Few Gentle Reminders…

  • Please ensure your child brings a named water bottle to school each day.
  • Please make sure that you are prompt at pick up and drop off times. This is especially important in regards to keeping everyone safe and socially distanced.
  • If your child has long hair, please can we ask that it is tied back in a pony tail.
  • Please ensure that your child brings in their phonics folder every day once it starts coming home.
  • Please continue to use Tapestry as a communication tool between home and school. We will be using it regularly to send you information about our topics and any school information we need to let you know about.


The presentation from our Reception Parents’ Information Evening (which was, unfortunately, cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions) can be found HERE.

Home Learning

If you are absent from school for a short period, below is some work that you can be getting on with.  Your teacher will arrange some additional work for you if you are likely to be away for more than a couple of days.

 Home Learning Pack

 Home Learning Pack – Guidance and Answers

 Home Learning – Practical Ideas

You may also be directed to complete some activities HERE.