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House Points

House Points


16.07.20 – House Cup 2019-20

Congratulations to Houstoun, who are this year’s winning house!  House Point Totals are as follows:

House Autumn Spring Summer Total
Garrick 3855 3530 3110 10240
Houstoun 3755 4060 2605 10275
Sadler 3310 3295 2605 9010
Wren 3040 3750 2760 9350

16.07.20 – Virtual Sports Week Results

Garrick: 3110

Houstoun: 2605

Sadler: 2605

Wren: 2760 

Congratulations to Garrick, who are this year’s winners!

Well done to everyone who took part.  Thank you to Mrs Laher, Mrs Brewis and Miss Jolley for organising the week, and to all the staff members who made videos of the events.