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House Points


24.07.19 – House Cup 2018-19

Well done to Garrick, who are this year’s winners of the House Shield despite a late challenge from Wren, who are the spring term’s winning house!

Congratulations to Sadler, who have won the Sports Shield for the third year in a row!

House Point Totals are as follows:

House Autumn Spring Summer Total
Garrick 4200 6850 8180 19230
Houstoun 3145 5050 7295 15490
Sadler 3895 4650 6980 15525
Wren 3880 5520 8730 18130

05.07.19 – Coin Challenge Results

Congratulations to everyone on completing the coin challenge in the playground – your collection stretched over 300 metres!  Individual totals are below – these have been converted to house points (10 HP per metre, rounded up to the nearest 5), which will be added to the total next week.

Garrick: 56.25 metres (565 HP)

Houstoun: 84.45 metres (845 HP)

Sadler: 95.25 metres (955 HP)

Wren: 72.8 metres (730 HP)

24.05.19 – Inter-House Fun Run

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this year’s fun run.  The total number of laps run (rounded to the nearest five) by each house is as follows:

Garrick: 1465

Houstoun: 1450

Sadler: 1555

Wren: 1530

21.06.19 – Reception Sports Day Results

Garrick: 90

Houstoun: 110

Sadler: 70

Wren: 100

28.06.19 – KS1 Sports Day Results

Garrick: 99

Houstoun: 79

Sadler: 82

Wren: 78

27.06.18 – KS2 Sports Day Results

Garrick: 995

Houstoun: 1049.5

Sadler: 1146.5

Wren: 1059.5

The top three teams were:

1st – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Sadler

2nd – Winning Wren

3rd – Hot Houstoun

Well done to everyone who took part.  Thank you to Mrs Jarman, Mrs Brewis and Miss Jolley for organising the events, the Year 6 Sports Crew, and to all the adults who helped on the day.